Rabbit Hole Juice Redux

Rainbow juiceThis beautiful rainbow-hued juice scares me a little. What will it taste like? And will it turn my teeth purple?

I’ve got another box of fresh veggies on the way; so here I am again, juicing like a madwoman at a wood chipper:


Half a head of red cabbage (hence the purple)

Half a cucumber

A tiny Meyer lemon from the lemon tree

A large red beet

Fennel stalks

Four and a half carrots


Pink-red beet juiceWell looky here, when stirred it becomes a lovely pink-red (beet-hued) drink. And the taste? Perfect! Lightly sweet, not too cabbage-y. I got lucky with this one. And my teeth are still white. Whew!

I’ve had a few mishaps while rabbit-hole surfing with my juicer. Just a small amount of onionĀ juice stung my eyes and made my heart want to leap out of my chest. Oh the burn! Check that off the list. Garlic juice is much more appealing (not on its own, of course). The key is to strike the perfect balance of sweet and bitter/astringent.

Following juicing recipes is a good place to start, but then don’t be afraid to go down that rabbit hole. As long as you’ve got some sweet (carrot, beet), it’s hard to go wrong. I believe almost any juice can be fixed with a touch of apple. Not onion juice, no.

As for me, I’m happy with the lightly sweet (a far cry from the overtly sweet juices you’ll find in the store). My father, who loves vegetables, tried juicing once. He took a sip of his concoction and said, “This tastes like the ground.” Perfect! Just the way I like it.


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