SF Like a Local – We Travel by Zip Line

What’s it like to zip-line? I’m proud to say that I now know the thrill of zipping through the treetops in a lush canopy forest. Quite different from last year’s equally-thrilling day trip hot air balloon ride. This time it was a cool ride all the way, baby.

So cool, in fact, that I have no words to describe the feeling.  Luckily for me, my friend rented a GoPro helmet camera on site. So here you have it – in less than 3 minutes – a first-time zipper’s experience on video:

Not scary at all (unless you have a fear of heights). I felt much more supported than the time I went parasailing. These zips only last about 10 seconds (we had 6 zip lines and 2 sky bridges on the 2-hour tour). In honor of the 10-second thrill, I’ll keep this quick and breezy:

ImageRed Canopy Tours by Mount Hernon Adventures in the Santa Cruz Mountains (about 1.5 hours from SF)

Excellent tour guides, beautiful views

Go, and rent the GoPro!


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