Castor Oil Challenge: Skin and Hair Review

I got an itchy armpit rash last week. A real doozy. I’ve had pit rashes before, but this time I suspected a yeast infection. Yuck!

I hated the thought of putting topical antibiotics on my precious pits. So I thought I’d try something new: castor oil. 

I have a big bottle sitting on my shelf. I bought it from Amazon months ago to help with red, itchy eyes. I’d also bought empty mascara tubes for applying the oil to lashes and brows. Castor oil did help soothe my eyes, but I never kept up with the application. 

I read so many glowing reviews about castor oil’s effect on hair and skin. Yet I resisted because it’s a sticky mess. Like honey without the smell. I put it all over my hair once, covered with a scarf on a lazy Sunday. My hair felt greasy for days. I wasn’t too into it, I must admit!

But with renewed (and rashy) fervor, I decided to go whole hog and take a 10-day castor oil challenge, addressing all problems skin/hair. Thus my nightly ritual of “lubing up” began:

  1. Armpits
  2. Chest/neck
  3. Hairline/part
  4. Lashes and brows (with mascara wand)
  5. Lips

My nightly “lubing up” ritual

The 10-Day Castor Oil Challenge

How I did it

I put 1-2 TBSP castor oil in a tiny bowl and added a couple of drops of tea tree (note: this amount lasted for several days/applications). Tea tree oil, like castor oil, is known for its skin-healing and hair-stimulating properties. For the first seven days, I applied this to pits, chest/neck, hairline/part by painting it on with a cotton swab. For the last three days, I massaged the oil in with my fingers instead. 

For lashes and brows, I used the mascara wand (tube contained castor oil, but not tea tree). For lips, I dabbed on a little plain castor oil with my finger. 

Let’s address these areas one at a time, shall we?

Armpits: I gave up my deodorant for the ten days since it exacerbated the rash. Every morning, I rubbed my pits with lemon. Most afternoons, I dabbed on apple cider vinegar. Then I applied the castor/tea tree oil at night. The rash cleared up in a week. Interestingly I had no body odor smell during this time. I think the castor oil had something to do with this. It felt very soothing to have the oil on overnight; my pits looked and felt better in the morning. 

Chest/neck: My chest and neck are always red, itchy and rough due to rosacea. Even though I’m very committed to my rosacea face regimen, my chest/neck never seem to get enough attention. So why not shellac on some castor oil? 

I’m very pleased with the results. I only wish I hadn’t been such a sissy at first – dabbing it on with a cotton swab left me very sticky and shiny. It worked much better once I tossed the swab and started working it into my skin with my fingers. Sure, my hands got sticky, but I could wash them!

My chest/neck area is soothed, much less red, hydrated and softer. And I do believe my neck looks less wrinkled- score! Castor oil has worked much better for me than other oils in regards to this area. Definitely worth the effort. 

Hair: A friend of mine (my same age) complained about her hair thinning. I told her I’d read all those reviews saying castor oil makes your hair thicker and darker. Yeah, because it’s got oil in it, right? True that – but there’s something to this growth stimulator. 

Darker hair and brows, longer lashes

I can tell you, for me, there is a noticeable difference. And I only applied a small amount around the hairline and down my part. That’s it. That’s all it took since the oil seeps and migrates. I didn’t want to wear a scarf to bed, didn’t want to worry about staining my pillow. I mainly wanted to see if it affected the hair around my face. 

It did. My hair looks darker. I’m strawberry blonde, and have seen a lot of fading in recent years. Castor oil made my reds look redder and my golds look golden. My greys are so less there with my darker hair. Yippee!

My hair is thicker, softer. Worth a little dab of sticky any day. 

Lashes and brows: Ditto on the darker/thicker. My brows had been getting so sparse. The mascara wand feels like nothing – I was suspicious at first, but then I could feel the oil by touching the wand with my fingers. It’s there, but not making a gloppy mess. Brilliant! Loving my longer lashes and darker, thicker brows. 

Lips: My lip problems are nothing new. Castor oil hasn’t improved the situation too much. Still so dry. Sigh. It might take a little while longer. I’ll keep experimenting. 

Castor Oil Conclusion

I want to keep going. With chest and neck on the daily, for sure. I might try every other day on the hairline (the night before I shampoo). And the lashes/brows application is so easy and quick – I can definitely stick to that!  Castor oil will remain my go-to product for any skin ailments that arise. It’s proven its worth! 

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